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⚫️🟡 The Three-Phased Playbook Every Social Media Platform Uses for Monetization

The pattern repeats itself.

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Today’s article is about the three phases all social media platforms go through as they further monetize.

Enjoy below!

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Every social media platform has the same three-phase playbook for monetization.

What are the phases?

Let's explain

Phase 1: Incentivize Users to Post

This is the phase where platforms incentivize people to post by providing exponential increases in reach.

When the user posts and sees thousands of views and hundreds of comments, that sweet, sweet dopamine hits, and the user begins chasing that feeling again.

This usually lasts for six months, then phase two hits.

Phase Two: Take Away Reach

After becoming accustomed to a certain level of reach and engagement, the platform will update its algorithm, and your metrics will flat-line. This happened on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and now Linkedin.

This is intentional.

The platforms want you to crave the reach you had previously.

Phase Three: Pay to Play

This is the introduction of 'boosting' or paying to advertise your account. The reach you had in phase one is there, but it will cost you.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are here.

This isn’t all negative, in fact it gives a little more predictability to your marketing as you can pay for targeted distribution of your content.

Let me know what you think about these phases. Where do these platforms go from here?


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