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⚫️🟡 Over-Platforming, Understanding Competitors, and How To Come up With Content Ideas for Social

How to step up your social game

Hey, welcome to Mind Your Marketing, the weekly newsletter that provides actionable social media advice for your brand.

Today, we are discussing the dangers of spreading your social media team too thin, how to approach social media competition, and how to develop ideas for social media.

Enjoy below!

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Stop Over-platforming

I've said it before, but bite off what you can chew. I see too many brands trying to be everywhere on social, but ending up with mediocre content across the board. This is a symptom of over-platforming. Instead of stretching your team too thin, look to resource 1-2 channels effectively. Once you've mastered those channels, you should look to add more to the channel mix.

Understanding Competitors

Your industry competitors are not your only competition on social media––everyone is. Your posts are fighting for attention in the feed against Wendy's, someone's uncle, a cat video, and maybe your competitors. Once you understand this, you'll start creating content to stand out in the feed, not just against the competitor down the road.

Brands like Monzo Bank and HubSpot understand this deeply. They create content that stands out in organic feeds without coming across as stuffy B2B/Legal content.

How to Come Up With Ideas

Relying on 'creativity' is a losing battle on social media. Instead, you have to rely on increasing your 'at bats'. IE. How many opportunities can you give yourself to see success with quality content? According to Hootsuite, brands that post daily grow their followers 4X faster than those that post less than once a week. To ensure you never run out of ideas, create some simple frameworks for posts, around four content pillars with set times to work on content per week.

Until next week, happy creating!


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