⚫️🟡 How HubSpot is Redefining B2B Social Media

And what you can learn from

Last week, Hubspot was at the center of marketing discussions on LinkedIn.

And not because of a new feature or stock price. But because of the way they create content for social media. Some users, who are latched on to corporate drone speak of the 90s took offense with Hubspot having fun on social media.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but Hubspot is killing it.

In today’s newsletter, I will break down how Hubspot approaches content on social media and why.

How they do it

Hubspot is creating content that’s (i) in touch with internet culture and (ii) is entertaining for business professionals. This fosters engagement and increases its organic brand reach further than the competition.

But why?

What HubSpot understands (that most B2B companies don't) is that they aren't competing with other SAAS companies on the timeline for attention.

They compete with EVERY other person and brand on the platform for attention.

So, their strategy is to be a part of online conversations with timely content.

If you want to learn more about this, check out my interview with Chi Thukral from Hubspot’s social team below.

The lesson

I’ve been critical of meme content on brand accounts before, but Hubspot has found a way to create entertaining content that’s on brand and doesn’t use played-out meme images. So, if your social content is lacking, start to think about your posts in the grand scheme of the platform. How can you stand out among the thousands of pieces of content people see daily?

Here’s a starting point. Before creating anything for social think about the reaction you want the viewer to have. I like to boil these down into one of six categories:

  • Wow (remarkable)

  • Oh (intriguing)

  • WTF (insane/ out of the box)

  • No way (disagreeable)

  • Aww (redeeming)

  • Finally! (giving voice to the viewer)

Starting from this point gives you a leg up in content creation because you’re consciously acknowledging the viewer before you start creating content.

Oh, and try to have a little more fun on social media. It’s not that serious.

Cheers, Jordan

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