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Today, I’m looking at Content Pillars and how you can use them in your content efforts.

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Big brands have content pillars––and they use them. These are topics and themes around which they build all of their content.

Although big brands have big budgets, teams, and seemingly unlimited ad resources, they use the same content strategies available to SMBs.

So, what are these content pillars, and how can you use them?

Four pillars any company can use on social media are:

  1. Competitor Differentiation

  2. Company Value(s)

  3. Champion Product

  4. Industry Challenge

1. Competitor Differentiation

This is what makes your product different from competitors’ products. It could be the branding, materials used, quality or speed of service, product makeup, craftsmanship, etc.

Real-life example: Olipop

Olipop has established itself as a healthy alternative to soda. By highlighting the difference in total sugar between it and big soda brands and promoting the benefits of fiber, differentiating the product.

You can have the experience of drinking soda without the guilt.

2. Company Value(s)

What does your company stand for? When you figure out what fuels your company, you can look for moments on social media to amplify your mission.

Real-life example: Nike – To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.

The Nike brand team is masterful at finding cultural moments and linking them to inspiring athletes around the world. If one of their athletes is in the middle of the cultural zeitgeist, Nike will almost certainly find an angle to enter the conversation.

3. Champion product

In a sea of choice, give consumers an easy path toward identifying your brand through a champion product. To choose this, look at your offerings and find the product that If your company could only be known for one product, this would be it.

Real-life example: McDonald’s Big Mac

As the video implies, this one needs no explanation. In much of its advertising, McDonald’s leans on its champion product (Big Mac). This draws you in before they ask, “would you like fries with that.”

4. Industry challenge

What is the big challenge your brand is taking on? Are you helping get healthier foods into the pantry? Or maybe you’re helping veterans with every purchase on your website. Find the challenge you want to take on.

Real-life example: Frank & Oak

Their mission, as put on the company website: Our purpose is to Inspire a Better way of Living by creating conscious products that last through time. By marrying innovation with eco-friendly processes, we strive to help shape a cleaner, healthier, and more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet’s well-being.

Frank & Oak is taking on the challenge of creating eco-conscious garments, standing up against the pitfalls of fast-fashion brands. They permeate this value throughout their marketing efforts.

If you’re stuck on social media, turn to these four content pillars to build your brand.

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